Sometimes its ok……

You know as a mom (heck as a parent) you are required to wear many hats. Mom, dad, referee, chauffeur, maid, science fair judge, art critic, food critic, husband, or wife. I could go on. There are days I swear if I make it through without blood, its been a good day.

Today started like any other day.. Woke up, showered, started the day. Came downstairs to find two of my kids awake and one already had breakfast. (Breakfast is always crazy, no one wants to eat at the same time in the morning). So here homeschooling mom starts.

“Ok kids get your breakfasts finished, teeth brushed, get dressed, make beds!! Come on morning chores must get done so we can start school on time!!”

Yeah some mornings I have to pull back my inner dictator. The boys were still sluggish from wrestling practice the night before, so I didn’t think much of there snail pace since they always are tired the next morning.

Then we get a little farther in our day. I am yapping orders, trying to get school done and the youngest is fighting me tooth and nail. (He can be stubborn like his father 😉 ) At that point Erik texts me to see how the morning is going and I tell him HIS son is being stubborn. Erik calls to talk to Zach. He sometimes does this because sometimes daddy’s words make more sense then mom’s…..grrrr.

Zach hands back the phone and Erik’s first question was…”Is he sick?” I look over and my not so little boy and all the signs are there. Glassy eyes, rosy cheeks, and exhausted look; then I feel his forehead. Crap……

Was I really so caught up in my overwhelming list today that I failed to notice my baby boy was sick. Why was I pushing him to do a word search when all he wanted was me??  Hello mom guilt, why you haven’t been away that long.

So mamas hear me…. come close and really hear this…. Its ok just to be a mom. Its ok to put that list aside and snuggle up with the sick kid on the couch and watch his favorite t.v. show. You DO NOT have to do it all. Because when you try, you can fail to see what truly matters. The laundry can wait, so can the dusting, vacuuming,and maybe even the dishes. It will be there tomorrow. Little Zach wont be, he just keeps getting bigger!!

While the other two are not sick and still have to go to their activities  tonight. Zach and I will be planted on the couch under our blanket fort. Maybe we will watch another movie, or color, or read his favorite Charlie book for the 194,392,274, 873 time.  I read somewhere, you need to make memories with your kids that they wont remember the favorite t.v. show you watched or the mundane of the everyday. I respectively disagree.

Its in the mundane of today, when Zach isn’t feeling well, that I am showing him the love he needs. He may not remember what we watched or what we colored but I don’t care. What I want him to remember is I love him more than he will ever know. He needs to know that he is loved. And if he feels loved by curling up on the couch or scratching his back, then that’s how I will show him.

Please hear me mamas…. you are amazing…. yes just you. God gave you these kids and He is trusting you with them. God knows you are enough. You have God after all to depend on. And He is way more than enough.

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