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God loves you far too much to let you linger in a life that’s old, stale, and filled with worldly pleasures that bring nothing but short-term satisfaction. This book of daily devotions promises to help you shed that old life and be remade into a completely new creation. With each day’s reading, you’ll be blessed with a fresh perspective and a youthful vigor for pursuing the abundant life God intends for you to live. This “newness” does not require a self-help program or a to-do list of projects. God promises the gift of an abundant life—a gift from his heart to yours. Experience Abundant Life in Jesus every day of the year. You’ll be inspired to live in God’s presence and enjoy the pleasures he so abundantly provides.

I really like this new devotional Abundant Life In Jesus. Right in the introduction Nancy Guthrie words just grabbed me:

“Experiencing God’s blessing is not merely getting good things from God. The essence of blessing is God himself. When we begin to see how much God has given to us in Christ, and how much he is worth, we realize that all of the things we were hoping to get from God- good health, loving relationships, protection from harm, material provision- are only temporary, tangible reminders of all we have in Christ.” (Introduction)

Whether we admit it or not we all need Jesus. And sometimes even if we do know Jesus we struggle to stay close to Him. That is why it is critical to be in God’s word everyday. This devotional could be a jumping off point for that.

The only thing I can’t decide if I like yet or not is Guthrie writes “as God.” Meaning it is like God is writing/speaking in this book. It adds an intimate feel to the devotional but of course no one can know for sure what God will say.

This will be the devotional that I am going to use through the year, because I do like it that much. So here is hoping on getting close to God through His word.

Number of Pages: 384

Vendor: Tyndale House

ISBN: 1496409485

ISBN-13: 9781496409485

I received this book from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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