Thankful Days #14-16

Sleep. Sweet, uninterrupted, calming sleep.

I don’t sleep well. Haven’t in years. So when I do sleep well it’s a cause for celebration. This weekend was crazy busy. Volleyball, brides room at church, painting, groceries, church, small group, and of course I am a mom. So it was a little nutty.

But after we got home last night from small group I was tired. Like having trouble staying awake tired. So at 9:40 I told Erik that I was going to bed. (He is such a night owl). Went upstairs and went to bed. I only woke up when Erik kissed me good bye when he left for work this morning. Then I slept until 7:45.

So of course I woke up in a panic because, well I woke up late. Surprisingly only Ash was awake. But I still felt behind for getting up so late.

So as I ¬†frantically started getting stuff done, I realized I had a bunch of energy. Something I normally don’t have. So in the end I guess I am thankful for my body hitting a wall and resting when I needed it. Here is to rest before a crazy busy week!

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