Thankful Day #12

I think through all the things that I have gone through as a mom one of the thing that keep surprising me is what comes out of my mouth. If you are a parent (especially a parent of boys) you know what I mean. Things like:

-Stop telling people about your butt finger

-Can you please stop pulling your brother’s pants down while I am talking to him

-No you can’t buy a dress for the dog

-Please get the pencils out of your ears

This list could just go o and on and on. But today something came out of my mouth that made me stop and think.

“Put down the book and get back to your school work!” (Also imagine this in my not nice mommy voice) The book in question:odyssey

Yes it is a graphic novel, but we did study Homer this week in history. Oh and this graphic novel is just shy of 250 pages and he found it at the library. But seriously did I just tell my kid to stop reading?? While both boys were suppose to be “working together” on geography while I helped Ash I discovered this:



Got to snap a picture quick before they noticed me.

So today I am thankful for their love of reading. Because even if it isn’t the “school work” they should be doing they are still challenging themselves by reading. So at least they get one good thing from their mamma, their love of a good book and today despite my initial crazy reaction to it, I am thankful they love to read. Because that love will take them farther than I ever could.

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