Thankful Day #11

So of course it being Veteran’s Day everyone is saying how thankful they are for our Veterans. Well I am blessed enough to have one very close to me. So today I am thankful for my amazing step father Tim. I love this picture of him and my mom.198754_1791732286307_5012840_n Tim is/was a career Marine and has been all over the world supporting our country and defending it. But was has always has amazed me about him, is even with doing all of that he is so grounded. He loves his wife, his kids, and his grand-babies and it shows.


Tim has been such a blessing to me. He loves all his granddaughters and isn’t afraid to get dirty with his grandsons.  I love this picture of Tim and Seth below. If that isn’t just pure joy hanging out with Papa I don’t know what is. (Yes that is a bone in Seth’s hand. I don’t remember what class they were taking together)



All I see when I look at this picture of Zach and Tim is just fun and goofy boy stuff. 


Not only am I grateful for Tim on this day where we remember the best men and women of our  country, but I am so thankful for him many other days of the year.

-Hearing the boys laugh because Papa Tim told a funny joke

-Watching them fish together

-Watching them shoot guns together

-My kids willingness to totally ditch me so they can go spend the night at Papa Tim and Nana Trish’s house.

-Thankful for the wisdom he is giving my kids and showing them what it means to have honor.

-Thankful for him being apart of my kid’s lives….because people it takes a village!!


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