Thankful Day #10

My husband is an amazing guy. He isn’t a big talker, he likes to fix things, but most importantly he loves Jesus. Now Erik isn’t what I am thankful for today (although I could probably write a whole 30 days just on things about him..). Today I am thankful for wrestling. NO not WWE type wrestling, real Olympic style wrestling.

When Erik and I first got together I knew what wrestling was and I knew he liked it a lot. What I didn’t know was that he loved it. It wasn’t until he took me on our first trip to Midlands (wrestling tournament at Northwestern) that I realized how much he loves this sport.

About four years ago Seth started wrestling. (Believe it or not is was approved by the doctor) The first year was rough on Seth because it was new, but he loved it. The second year Zach joined in and together all three were having a blast. But, we had to take last year off due to medicine changes with Seth. (His seizures came back too much, and this mamma was worried)


But this year we can do it again. I think all three of my boys were walking on cloud nine as they left the house tonight for the first practice. It’s going to be hard, this is not an easy sport. But the father son time, the discipline, and teamwork are things my boys need to know. Because I am not just raising boys but future men and this is part of it.

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