Thankful Day #9

Today I am grateful for online Bible studies. I started a new one today. If you haven’t heard of Love God Greatly stop right now and go over there. It is hard for me to get to a Bible study during the day and there is only one at my church during the weeknights which also happens to be the night I help with Awana.

I am so excited to be studying the names of God over the next 6 weeks. Even though it all takes place online there is still something special knowing that you are one of many doing this study.

I loved how it started today just reminding you that God is the provider. How often in our midst of crazy do we forget how often He has provided in the past.

Even though last night I posted about how grateful I was for podcasts and today I am grateful for online Bible studies, make no mistake there is nothing that replaces getting together with others and discussing the word of God. I adore those types of debates.

No matter how I do it though I am just so grateful for those times I can just soak in the word of God.

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