Thankful Days #5 & #6

So there is one word that I believe annoys me more than anything when it comes to homeschooling my children. Socialization. You know the inevitable questions…. “How will your children learn how to act around other children?” “How will the learn to stand in line?” Or my personal favorite “Aren’t you afraid they will turn out weird?” (not kidding someone actually asked me that one time!!)

So the reason I didn’t get to writing last night was because I was too busy socializing my kids through a program called AWANA. Oh and today my kids were at co-op with other weird homeschooling kids. (don’t worry you just can”t hear my sarcasm)

So between homeschooling and shuffling the kids around to their different “social” activities this mamma tonight is so grateful that her kids have no fear about making new friends, aren’t afraid to ask questions about things they don’t understand, but most importantly embrace their weirdness. Honestly we are all a little weird.

So tonight this exhausted mamma is thankful for my kids full “social lives.”

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