Relentless Pursuit


When I received the book Relentless Pursuit by Ken Gire I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Truly are you ever really prepared for the journey an author takes you on, it can be such a transparent viewing into their world. First lets see what Bethany House has to say about Gire’s new book:

We’re all outsiders sometimes. Each of us has felt lonely in a crowd, or been passed over for a job opportunity, or been squeezed out by “friends.” We’ve all spent time on the outside looking in. But take heart–Jesus will leave the ninety-nine just for you.

Bestselling author Ken Gire weaves together stories from the Bible, history, and his own life to create a soul-lifting picture of a God who relentlessly pursues the outcast and disenfranchised–a God who became an outcast himself to bring his lost ones home. Let your eyes be opened to the one who will never fail to find you and embrace you as his child. 

Like I said before I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I started the book I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the first three chapters. He used three different people and their experiences (Francis Thompson, Ann Lamott, and C.S. Lewis) showed how God pursued them in their own lives and work. It was an encouraging start. Real people, real issues and how God never left them even when they thought he had.

Then in the middle of chapter three the book took a turn. Not  a bad one but it seemed to lose its flow. Gire then started to explain his own experiences about being an outsider. Unfortunatly from that point on the book seemed more about how God pursued Gire instead of God pursuit of all of us. I think there is a better way to incorporate one’s personal experiences into an arguement of God’s pursuit without making it all about Ken Gire.

Now don’t get me wrong there was strong scripture and other book references that I may even read. He did give a very good point about the missions to the outsiders that Jesus talks about. The outsiders include everyone from the Samaritans, Syrians, and Galileans. That chapter was very grounded and scripture and was probably the best of the book. Then the book took a swing again.

Gire even said it at the beginning of the last chapter how the mood completely changes. It was such a swift change that I was slightly unprepared for. I know he confessed in the book of ADD issues but wow it was a little more that a 180. He ends the book with his story of how he feels God had used him and that he doesn’t believe that his life has been wasted anymore. It seemed wrapped up in a pretty bow almost, but I must disagree. I don’t think the pursuit ever stops. Whether it is you pursuing God or God is the pursuer . There is always a pursuit going on. With that said one of Gire’s last lines should be what it is all about … “The joy on the inside gives us the strength to bear the truth on the outside without hiding from it.”(pg. 150)

Being an outsider is not a bad thing. Even Jesus was one.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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