Thankful Day #4

So sometimes in the midst of the chaos there are some very sweet moments. Last night was one of them.

While there are no pictures from last night and I didn’t get this post written last night here is what I was thankful for yesterday. Girl time….

Ash is 13 and I know there are only a few short years left until she starts living her life away from me. That is what I am training her for, I am raising a future adult not just my sweet child.

So last night the boys went to a friends house and Erik and I had a quiet dinner with just Ash. Well quiet is the wrong word cause she is a 13 year old girl and they…can…talk.

Then Ash and I had some time alone so we went to bookstore (one of our favs) and then she wanted to just go home and watch her favorite T.V. show together.

So instead of picking up the computer or my phone to take a pic or write this post I just enjoyed every moment I had with her. We laughed and talked and just enjoyed each other’s company.

So yesterday I was thankful for girl time….. what will I be thankful for today??

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