Happy Labor Day!!

Well best laid plans they say…


So we were planning on doing something fun this weekend. Erik has a three day weekend, and those little gems don’t happen too often. But my car decided it needed an emergency doctor’s appointment (you know the mechanic) and our weekend of adventure turned into another frugal adventure. As we steal the line from the movie Up….

“Adventure is out there!”
IMG_1803 As you can see Zach is ready for adventure. So instead of a water park we decided the free beach was in order. Honestly I don’t know why I don’t do this all the time. The kids have so much fun at the beach and it never seems to get old.


Well, in Kenosha there are all these mini museums that are pretty much free to get inside. So we were going to go to a bunch today. (Because I am still a homeschooling mom and my kids MUST learn at all times!!) Well lets just say, I very quickly got over that as we just played in the water and walked around to the lighthouses.

Seriously though I think Ash was hiding from the camera at the beach.IMG_1808



Isn’t this just so pretty?IMG_1812

 Well I did put the camera down so I could join the kids in the VERY cold water. But hey, when its 90 degrees who cares! So, after our beach picnic we did make it to one of the mini museums and the kids loved it. Of course they decided on the Dinosaur Discovery Museum first. Which of course started like this……IMG_1827IMG_1828IMG_1829Well you get the idea. Hey look!! Ash decided to finally let me get a picture of her! It was small but I loved how hands on this museum was. I really loved how it is connected to a local university and the staff just got back from a recent dig in Montana and you could see their current finds. Hello Triceratops skull!!

We ended our day with probably Erik’s favorite part. The Electric Streetcar ride. This kind of adventure brings out one of my favorite parts of him. His dork side. Who knew at his age he could still get giddy over an electric car. The best part…. $1.00 per adult to ride and $.50 per kid!!! And you could stay on as long as you want. Hello lake front trolley ride. Yeah a great way to end the day.0906151355So just when I get all gloomy and think our weekend is blown we end up having a blast. The grand total for the day (despite gas of course)….. drum roll please…. $14.oo. (Ten dollar donation to the Dino Museum) Adventure is out there, and I am so glad that I decided not to just make the best of it, but to make it THE best. Choosing to find that joy despite starting the weekend off bad. We still have one more day. What shall we do tomorrow…….



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