How to Love Your Neighbor… Without Being Weird

how to love your neighbor


Do you long to form a spiritual connection with the community outside church? In How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird, Amy Lively helps you reach out to the neighbor whose name you don’t yet know! Sharing her own experiences, she offers practical tips that will help you spread the gospel, use social media to form relationships, and take the first steps toward loving strangers.

Amy Lively’s new book How to Love Your Neighbor…..without being weird is so practical and simple. It is almost like “Duh why didn’t I think of that!””

Amy just had a way of drawing you in from the start with her honest and witty writing. It never felt like she was preaching at you, saying love your neighbor or else!!. The chapter Home Sweet Home got to me a bit. I mean its easy to invite someone to church and if they say no it’s no big deal. But there is something different about inviting people into your home. Its more intimate. For me it is putting yourself out there more, being more vulnerable.

Another chapter I loved was Martha Unleashed. I can be such a Martha sometimes. Ok, who am I kidding I might give Martha a run for her money. This chapter touched so many parts in my heart that I can struggle with.

I think this book is a book to help ones who struggle to come out of their comfort zones. I do believe it is geared more towards women than men. I will definitely be sharing this book with some of my friends.

Number of Pages: 208

Vendor: Bethany House

ISBN: 0764217003

ISBN-13: 9780764217005

I received this book from Bethany House Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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