The Fiddler

There comes a story now and again that even in it’s simplicity finds a special place in one’s heart. That most recent book for me is The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis. Set in present day, this modern Amish fiction was surprisingly relate able and honest. Here is what Bethany House has to say about Beverly Lewis premiere novel in the Home to Hickory Hollow series:

A wrong turn in a rainstorm leads Englisher Amelia Devries to Michael Hostetler–and the young Amishman’s charming Old Order community of Hickory Hollow. Despite their very different backgrounds, Amelia and Michael both feel hemmed in by the expectations of others and struggle with how to find room for their own hopes. And what first seems to be a chance encounter might just change their lives forever.

Sometimes when you are at a fork in the road in your life and are not sure where to turn God will give you an unexpected answer. We are dropped into the story when both Amelia and Michael are at a cross road in their lives. To follow their own hearts or continue on in the expectations their families have for them. While they do come from two very different worlds their stories did weave together beautifully.

What I did adore about this book was the love of both Amelia’s and Michael’s family showed no matter what decision was made. What I also liked was how as much as their stories intertwined with each other, but they both realized that God had to work in their lives separately too. There were some great subplots (which I look very much forward to reading about in the rest of the series!!!) that supported the story well. It was just an all around well written book.

I do have one small issue with it though. I felt the ending was slightly rushed and left some loose ends. I hope that they will be tied up in the rest of the series. But overall I was very happy with the novel.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishing for an honest review. I did not receive any other compensation other than the book

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