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For years, Holly Burkhalter was a heartbroken idealist working on the front lines of change around the world—a witness to the brutalities of genocide, sex trafficking, rape, slavery, greed and injustice. Throughout her career she found herself angrily, sometimes hilariously at odds with a God who seemed distant at best and tyrannical at worst.
Until the day she found herself drawn into a community of fellow activists who loved, worshiped, and served another God altogether—a God who hated injustice, too. And who had a plan for combating it. Us.
It was the greatest, most radiant surprise of her life.
Today Holly engages deeply with the questions that kept her from faith for most of her adult life: How could a good God allow brutality, mental illness, and AIDS? Why does God seem indifferent when we are in great need? What is our part in pushing back the darkness?

Through riveting stories from her life, she wrestles these questions to the ground. Sometimes she wins. Sometimes the questions do. Either way, Good God, Lousy World & Me will transform your understanding of God’s presence and purpose—and ours—in a broken world.

Holly Burkhalter‘s new book Good God Lousy World & Me is a book I struggled with. On one hand I love the work Mrs. Burkhalter and IJM are doing for the world. Trafficking, violence against the poor, and modern day slave trade is a very real problem even hear in the United States.

Although I commend their work, there were parts of the book that I wished I could have had a sit down with the author. This book was a transparent look into Burkhalter’s walk in faith. It reads like her own personal journal at some points.

While I had a few issues with some things that she wrote (for example: not believing parts of the Old Testament pg. 44) she just seemed to crave something bigger than herself throughout her whole life. That I respected.

Overall this book is just a memoir of Holly’s journey. It seems she still has a way to walk as we all do. I truly believe that sometimes that is part of the beauty of God. He always has something to teach us. No matter what he is refining us day by day.

Number of Pages: 224
Vendor: Convergent Books

ISBN: 1601425082
ISBN-13: 9781601425089


I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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