Walk it Out!!!!

Whenever my children stumble and get hurt I tell them to walk it out. I know not very loving but when you are the mother of two VERY active boys walking it out only lasts as long until they are running at each other full force. (Which usually is within ten seconds) But there is one thing that my son Seth has that he can’t walk out. Epilepsy. Yes, you read right my five year old has epilepsy. We discovered it November of 2010 when he had a grand mal seizure.

Since then we are still attempting to discover the right medication balance for him. Yes a year and a half later we are still struggling with it. We are grateful to God that he has not had another grand mal seizure but he still has focal seizures almost daily. (Also called absent seizures).  Two weeks ago  Seth’s medicine was changed again and we have had to watch him diligently again. This isn’t something that I can tell him to just walk off. Or can I…….

This Saturday March 31st in Washington D.C. there will be a National Walk for Epilepsy. It will not only help raise funds for the study and hopefully cure for epilepsy but most importantly to raise awareness. Epilepsy has been around since Bible times. In Mark 9: 14-29 Jesus heals a boy of an impure spirit. The description sure does sound like a seizure to me. Even though epilepsy has been around for so long there is still so much that we do not know. Even though I am no where near Washington D.C. I am still active in the fight for a cure. If you can not be there this Saturday all I ask is that you send a prayer their way. This cause goes to help so many affected with this. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Here is to continuing to seek His will in all the chaos.

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