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The best-selling author of The 4:8 Principle and 40 Days to a Joy-filled Life returns with a special edition for teens. In just 40 days, teens can change their minds and their attitudes. Tommy Newberry, together with writer Lyn Smith, takes teens from thinking negatively to thinking positively, which will change their entire outlook on life. Not only will this devotional make teens think more positively and have a better attitude, this devotional also points teens to Scripture and helps them understand more about God. The devotions not only help teens understand how their thought life determines their perspective, but they also help them focus their minds on godly truths so they can live out their faith.

This book is the perfect way for teens to get a new attitude and start living a fulfilling, joy-filled life in just 40 days.

So how many of us are full of positive thoughts all the time?? What no hands raised!!! It is no secret that negative thoughts will infiltrate our mind from time to time. The question is will we let them in our hearts and let them control our minds. I think as adults there are times when we are better to recognize them, but what about our teenagers?

Well Tommy Newberry has come out with a new devotional for teens called THINK 4:8. Newberry has written many books that are devoted to thinking positively and building a strong character. THINK 4:8 for teens does not disappoint.

Now I have reviewed a few devotionals over the years and have not been happy with some. This one is by far my favorite. It is practical, simple, and focused. There was no fluff but real world ways to import positive thinking into your life. I like how each day had an activity to go along with the days devotional. I also enjoyed how it was split up into two parts. The first part focused mainly on controlling your thoughts while the second part focused on your thoughts about others.

Honestly the only issue I had with the book was some of the Bible translations. I don’t use those particular ones because of how they are worded. BUT that is just my preference has nothing to do with the quality of this book. There was no problem having my bible right next to the devotional and looking up the same verse.

Some of my favorite days out of THINK 4:8 were Joy of Shaking it Up, Joy of Daily Solitude, Joy of an Easy Return, Joy of Imagination, Joy of Purity, and Joy of our Surroundings. Let’s be honest there were a few more that I loved but my list was starting to get long. This is definitely a book my daughter will be reading. I am considering getting the adult version for myself!! It will also be one that we do together. Part of this whole thing is keeping your focus on what is good, so discussing the good is highly recommended in my opinion.

As my daughter is turning twelve in 2014, many people have attempted to scare me in telling me all those scary teenage stories. You know the ones, similar to the stories you get about everyone’s experiences giving birth when you are pregnant. (I have vowed never to tell those to a first time mom) But just like in this book there is a joy in being battle ready. I will not focus on negative things my daughter hasn’t done and may never do, but I will focus on the positive things we can do today. So that maybe just maybe there will be joy in those teenage years for everyone.

I received this book from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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