Imagination Station Book #11


I know that I have raved about books from the Adventures in Odyssey before, and that isn’t going to change now!!  If your kids haven’t discovered the Imagination Station books yet I suggest they get reading. The newest book Hunt for the Devils Dragon is #11 in the series.  What I love about this series is the mix of history and morals. The story always has real problems that kids deal with and correct ways to deal with them. These books are amazing.

So book 11 takes us to North Africa where Patrick and Beth meet Hazi and Sabra. Patrick and Beth soon discover that things are very different here than what they are used too. Patrick and Beth learn that a dragon has been attacking Hazi and Sabra’s village. Killing many sheep and even a a shepherd. Of course the town is fearing for their lives and in their panic they decide to offer up two sacrifices to the dragon to try and save the village. (Sorry no spoiler here!)

During Beth and Patrick’s adventures they also meet a brave Roman Soldier named Georgius, who just so happens to be a follower of Christ. Georgius ends up being very brave and useful to kids more than once through the book and the children learn much from him. Despite being plotted against by his commander Lucius, who doesn’t like Georgius at all.

As it happens some times, things aren’t always what they seem. Is the dragon the bad guy?  Will the two sacrifices make it out alive? How far will Lucius go to kill Georgius? Where is God and how is he working through all of this? This was such a good book for kids. It had to have been when my can’t sit still for two minutes six year old is asking me to read another chapter!

Overall these are books that are history rich with a strong Godly principal  They are fun to be read out loud to small children yet can grow with the kids as they learn to read and take off  reading chapter books themselves. Looking forward to book twelve!

I received this book from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review. No other goods were exchanged.

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