Outrageous Courage

outrageous courage

How does one review a book that they don’t even feel worthy of after reading? Well that is my current dilemma. This new book put out by Kris and Jason Vallotton is the story of a missionary named Tracy Evans. What a story she has. This book left me laughing, crying, in shock, and truly questioning what kind of ministry legacy I am leaving. Wait, I can’t get ahead of myself….. so here is a little about the book:

From the moment her motorcycle pulled up outside Kris Vallotton’s small country church years ago, Tracy Evans has been impacting lives. Mentored by Kris, Bill Johnson, and Heidi Baker, Tracy has never been afraid of putting her life on the line repeatedly for Jesus–and God has used her repeatedly to do amazing things for him around the world.

This is her story, as recounted to her closest friends. From treating rebel guerillas while captive on an Asian island, to having tea in a Mozambican hut with bullets whistling by, to caring for 900 HIV-positive orphans, Tracy’s story will entrance readers, inspire in them adventurous faith, and challenge them to be radically obedient. 

“Every story in this book is true and unembellished,” says Kris. “We hope and pray that Tracy will have the kind of impact on you that she has had on all of us. Put on your seatbelt and let the journey begin!”

I think the main thing I loved about Outrageous Courage was the way it was written. It had such a transparency and honesty to it that just  made it seem as if you were having a conversation with Tracy in your living room. As Tracy looks back on her life (so far) and shows us that even when she didn’t see it God was working in her life. I love Tracy’s testimony. It is amazing how God put some amazing believers into her life  that were strong enough to deal with…. shall we say Tracy’s stubborn issues. Her testimony of how she became a believer just floored me. Here she is basically torturing this Christian acquaintance of hers and this Christian does what we as Christians are all called to do. LOVE!!

Tracy’s journey takes her from the living in the forests of California like a hermit to living in Mozambique helping feed 900 orphans. With a huge amount of growing and learning in between. I loved how Tracy said that not only did she learn from her obedience to God but, also she learned a few hard lessons in her disobedience as well. Seriously, how often can one admit that kind of thing.

So far, Tracy has had to deal with things like a buffet of illness. Everything from not agreeing with the local cuisine to TB to the dangers of helping out orphans that are HIV positive. Yet as she says (in one part of her book as she is barfing into one bucket while sitting on another) she heard God say to her “Will you worship me now?” The crazy thing is she does.

Man, I want to live like that. I left this book craving to go and read my Bible cover to cover.  Wanting to show the world what they were missing if they hadn’t heard about Jesus. I know not all of us are called into the missionary field like Tracy. Some of us are called to be disciples as doctors, lawyers, moms, or even the garbage man. I think that is one of the main things that I got out of this book. Tracy’s ministry didn’t end when she came back to the states to work as a nurse, to make money for her next trip. She was preaching the Gospel wherever she was and whenever she could. That is awesome. That not only takes obedience but amazing courage. (See how important a title can be to a book :))

You can follow Tracy on facebook. Or go to www.ireachafrica.org. I would definitely say this book is a must read.

I received this book from Chosen Publishing in exchange for my honest review. No other goods were exchanged.

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