A three year old’s battle with spongy air filled organs

I believe that spongy air filled organs sounds a little better than asthma. But either way you say it my youngest has it. According to WebMd asthma is defined as,

An inflammatory disease of the lungs characterized by (in most cases) reversible airway obstruction. Originally, a term used to mean “difficult breathing”; now used to denote bronchial asthma.

Zach was diagnosed about two years ago now with it. It is never fun sitting next to your then 18 month old in the ICU with oxygen and IV’s hooked into him. But God brought us to it and he saw us through it. He still is. Zach has no allergies or eczema  which can often accompany asthma thank goodness. So really his only triggers are poor air quality and if he gets sick. And boy did he get sick this past week. For six days we lived by the clock on when he would get his next nebulizer treatment. Luckily Zach is such a good nature child, he just went with the flow, mostly. He did lose three pounds which he has pretty much already gained back now that he is eating again. Which has also left me in fear of when he becomes a teenager. He can finally run around again with little to no problems. So what now? Where do we go from here? Where was God in all of this chaos?

Well Zach is still Zach. Right now his asthma is under control. We make sure he gets plenty of rest and exercise. Yes exercise, those lungs do need to be used or they will just get weaker. I do my best to watch what he eats, although to him the perfect meal is noodles. But God was there through all of this. I had slow down time with Zach since he couldn’t run around as much. God provided the doctors, I happen to live in a place where there are plenty. The medications, the amazing attitude of a three year old that was sick for eight days. At one point when we were sitting together reading one of his favorite books, Big Smelly Bear, (yes I know how that sounds) he was running his fingers through my hair saying I love you mom. If that isn’t God in the little things than what is. The complete trust and faith that children have.

So here is to keeping that child like faith with us at all times. To be like Paul and rejoice in the midst of our sufferings. Not rejoice for the sufferings but while we are in them. Trusting that we will know that God will bring us through whatever it is. That He is with us always, even in every breath.

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