A Change of Fortune

a change of fortune



Lady Eliza Sumner is on a mission. After losing her family, her fiancé, and her faith, the disappearance of her fortune is the last straw. Now, masquerading as Miss Eliza Sumner, governess-at-large, she’s determined to find the man who ran off with her fortune, reclaim the money, and head straight back to London.

Much to Mr. Hamilton Beckett’s chagrin, all the eyes of New York society–all the female ones, at least–are on him. Unfortunately for all the matchmaking mothers and eligible daughters, he has no plans to marry again, especially with his hands full keeping his business afloat and raising his two children alone.

When Eliza’s hapless attempts to regain her fortune put her right in Hamilton’s path, sparks instantly begin to fly. The discovery of a common nemesis causes them to join forces, but with all their plans falling by the wayside and their enemies getting the better of them, it will take a riot of complications for Hamilton and Eliza to realize that God just might have had a better plan in mind all along.

When all of Hamilton’s and Eliza’s best-laid plans fall by the wayside, it will take a riot of complications for them to realize that God just might have had a better plan in mind all along.

In Jen Turano‘s first book A Change of Fortune we are met with a story full of life and humor. A Change of Fortune takes place in 1880, and we pick up with Lady Eliza Sumner after she has lost her fortune and has moved to New York where she has found work as a governess. We learn very quickly that she did not just lose her money but that it was stolen after her father died. So she has come to New York in search of the man who has taken it. Right from the beginning she crosses paths with Hamilton Beckett and everything seems to unhinge for Eliza from there.

Now Hamilton Beckett is a widower, and in no way looking for a wife, despite all of the society ladies trying to change his mind. He soon discovers that he and Eliza have a common enemy. As sparks start happening between them things start getting a little hairy.  I really did like the pace of the book, it kept me interested (which isn’t always easy!!) Eliza and Hamilton seemed to have chemistry, although there were times their communication skills could have used some work.

I really had only one issue with the book. This may sound odd but it was all the characters. Each character alone was very good. I think that maybe Jen Turano may have been trying to fit in to may personalities in to one book. It seemed at times Turano had so many character quirks into one book. Sometimes it got overwhelming trying to keep up with who was having a fit about what now. (Although I did enjoy the push for women’s rights in the book)

Overall though I think that this was a strong start for Turano. A Change of Fortune is the first of a four book series being published by Bethany House and I look very much forward to reading the rest and seeing how Turano develops as a author.

I received this book form Bethany House Publishing in exchange for my personal opinion. No other goods were exchanged



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