Merriam Webster defines change as:


1a to make different in some particular alter 

  • never bothered to change the will
b to make radically different transform 

  • can’t change human nature
c to give a different position, course, or direction to 

  • changed his residence from Ohio to California

Change is not something that cant be stopped. It happens every single day. It can be as simple as a hair cut or as dramatic as a death in the family. It’s how you embrace that change is key.


Our family has been going through all sorts of change lately. From the oldest kid starting to drive, to the middle leaving for his first trip away from home, to the youngest …… well he has basically turned into a gentle GIANT.

One of my favorites from our vacation a few weeks back. Seriously they all changed and got huge overnight. But as change happens and we start to embrace all the chaos that comes along with it, we still must stop and see the beauty of it all.


It is in the simple things….


Like all three of my kids wear the same size shirt!?!? (Yep the 9 year old and the 15 year old!!)


Ending of a school year.


Friends or family moving away.

Leaving home for a week for the first time.


Or just the talks about how to be a better driver.



I was told parenting got easier as they got older. I couldn’t disagree more. It’s still hard.


The reason for the sleepless nights changes.


Instead of tantrums in the store, it is full on discussions about why we believe in God.


I find I am later (and I don’t like being late for something!!) now with older kids cause you can’t put their shoes on for them and pick them up and walk out the door.



Things change, but that isn’t bad. I love this new part of our journey. It is still exhausting, but there is fruit.


The doors the boys hold now with out being reminded.


The little kids that my daughter babysits coming up to her and are so excited to see her cause she is “cool”!


The way we spend time with them has changed.




While not all change is easy, there is always room for growth. As my kids start to begin to expand their wings, I hope maybe I can a bit as well. Oh we are still homeschooling, and we love it. In the fall I will have a Junior, a 7th grader and a 4th grader!! We just ended our sixth year and I can’t even believe has fast it has flown.


I am holding onto to those little moments that make up our every day.

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