Do Baby Bears Have Mommies?

baby bears


Do Baby Bears Have Mommies? answers questions about animals. Children learn about starfish, elephants, bears, stars, earthworms, eagles, trees, and heaven, while absorbing the underlying themes of God’s love and grace and a parent’s love for a child.

Oh the questions one hears as a mom. Usually questioning starts off at a young age with the simple (yet not always so simple) question of “Why?”. And then as kids get older the questions blossom from there.

Do Baby Bears Have Mommies is a cute little story book about …..questions. You know those innocent little questions that just pop up at the most random times. I love those moments…even now when my kids have gotten older. Those questions sometimes can sometimes windows into their hearts.

So maybe this sweet storybook is not only for kids but for parents too.

So kids: Ask your questions!!!

Parents: Those questions are not a burden but a gift.

So embrace the gift with this adorable little story book.

Number of Pages: 32
Vendor: Tyndale Kids

ISBN: 1496417402
ISBN-13: 9781496417404

I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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