Words From The Hill

words from hill


A disruptive and surprising journey through the Beatitudes.
Most of the time, life doesn’t work out like we expect it will. We spend time and energy trying to climb some sort of spiritual ladder, oblivious to the fact that it is God who is moving toward us.

We want answers to our problems, yet what is offered is presence.

What if we were to become united with our brokenness rather than our victories? What if God moves closest to us in the absence, the ache, and the longing?

Words from the Hill turns each beatitude on its head to see the unexpected beneath the understood—diving into the story of a woman on death row to speak about mercy, personal stories from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to talk about peace, and much more. Stu Garrard has walked with these people in their stories, and he vulnerably offers his own as he unpacks the Good News of the Beatitudes.

God is on your side, and He is closer than you think.

Stu Garrard has written his first book. While writing isn’t foreign to him, since he has written many Christian songs, Word From The Hill is new territory for him.

I was excited to read this book because anything in the Beatitudes is always interesting to me. Stu did not disappoint. He walked the Beatitudes  and shared not only his personal stories but stories of others that have effected his life. I found this book full of personal examples of how God has worked in peoples’ lives.

That being said, I would not call this a Bible study or even a devotional. This is many experiences and journeys with Jesus. That is a good thing. They are testimonies. Examples of how God works in the simple ways and in the big ways.

Overall this book is just an excellent reminder of who we need to be looking for. Jesus.

Number of Pages: 224
Vendor: NavPress

ISBN: 1631465988
ISBN-13: 9781631465987

I received this book from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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