A Call To Mercy



Published to coincide with Pope Francis’s Year of Mercy and the Vatican’s canonization of Mother Teresa, this new book of unpublished material by a humble yet remarkable woman of faith whose influence is felt as deeply today as it was when she was alive, offers Mother Teresa’s profound yet accessible wisdom on how we can show mercy and compassion in our day-to-day lives.
For millions of people from all walks of life, Mother Teresa’s canonization is providentially taking place during Pope Francis’s Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. This is entirely fitting since she is seen both inside and outside of the Church as an icon of God’s mercy to those in need.
Compiled and edited by Brian Kolodiejckuk, M.C., the postulator of Mother Teresa’s cause for sainthood, A Call to Mercypresents deep yet accessible wisdom on how we can show compassion in our everyday lives. In her own words, Mother Teresa discusses such topics
        the need for us to visit the sick and the imprisoned
        the importance of honoring the dead and informing the ignorant
        the necessity to bear our burdens patiently and forgive willingly
        the purpose to feed the poor and pray for all
        the greatness of creating a “civilization of love” through personal service to others
Featuring never before published testimonials by people close to Mother Teresa as well as prayers and suggestions for putting these ideas into practice, A Call to Mercy is not only a lovely keepsake, but a living testament to the teachings of a saint whose ideas are important, relevant and very necessary in the 21st century.

As I sit here, hands above the keyboard, pondering about what I should write about A Call To Mercy I realize how my opinion on this book does not matter.

When I say that it doesn’t mean my opinion doesn’t hold value, it just means that how can one like myself even begin to critique a book a a women whose whole heart sought after a living God.

I grew up listening to stories of this amazing women, due to a Catholic upbringing. My grandmother spilled tears when learning of her death, yet she never even met her.

In reading this book over the Christmas season, a season where everyone “gives” it makes me think of what happens next. What happens after Christmas is done? Mother Theresa is still an inspiration even after her death. But she would be the first to admit her desperate need for God.

I loved this book. I loved the reminder as we leave the Christmas season of how much we have and how much more we should be giving away. I loved her heart for the “least of these”. She was such an amazing example of the love of Jesus.

Number of Pages: 384

Vendor: Image

ISBN: 0451498208

ISBN-13: 9780451498205

I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest review.

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