A Love Transformed



The Riveting Final Story in the Sapphire Brides Series

When Clara Vesper’s husband, Adolph, dies suddenly, Clara is stunned–but not grief-stricken. Her marriage to Adolph had been arranged, their primary interaction revolving around the sapphire jewelry Clara designed and Adolph produced and sold. Widowed and penniless, with two small children, Clara decides to return to her aunt and uncle’s ranch in Montana, the only place she has ever been happy.

Curtis Billingham, injured in a sapphire mine collapse, is recuperating at the ranch of his friends, Paul and Madeline Sersland. But when the Serslands’ niece returns from New York City, Curtis curses both his broken body and his broken past. Clara, the love of his life, has come back to him, but he is no longer worthy of her love.

Clara’s brother-in-law Otto Vesper, Adolph’s business partner, fears that the loss of Clara’s design skills will doom the company’s prospects. Following her to Montana, Otto is prepared to do whatever it takes to get Clara to return with him to New York.

As Clara fights for love and freedom, a dangerous secret in her late husband’s life comes to light, threatening everyone she loves.

I have read a lot of Tracie Peterson. I mean how could you not?? She has written a lot of books. Her newest one, A Love Transformed may be one of her best books yet. It is the final book in ┬áthe Sapphire Bride Series, but don’t worry it is a stand alone and you don’t have to read the first two……but you should.

I really liked this book. I adored Clara and her growth as a women and mother in this story. The story starts quick right on the first page and doesn’t quit until the last. Clara is tired of living a life she didn’t want and tired of being bullied, so she decides to take charge.

Curtis was one of the best male characters that I have read in while. He was  strong even among his weaknesses. He was hard but soft. I really appreciated how Peterson developed him.

One of my favorite things about this book was how God used the “bad” for good. Clara’s mother sent her away for the summer to her aunt and uncle’s home and they were the ones that planted that seed of faith in her. That is where Clara wanted to return. I love that concept of you never know what will happen but never be afraid to plant those seeds. You never know what God will do with them.

Peterson wrote an amazing book here. I cannot wait until her next one.

Number of Pages: 352

Vendor: Bethany House

ISBN: 0764213385

ISBN-13: 9780764213380

I received this book from Bethany House Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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